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Frequently Asked Questions..

Q - What is the size of our sack?
A - Our sack is 1m x 500mm x 500mm and holds approximately 80-100 hand stacked logs.
Q - Is all Your firewood Kiln Dried?
A - Yes. We carefully moisture check the wood to ensure it reaches you with a moisture level of between 10-20%. 
Q - What are the benefits of burning softwood over hardwood or vice versa?
A - Softwood is somewhat cheaper than Hardwood but it does burn faster. Hardwood tends to burn slower than softwood and has the ability to give off  a tremendous heat output. We find a convenient and cost effective way to utilise both types of wood is to use softwood to light the fire and get it up to a reasonable temperature before topping it up with hardwood. From our experience it is mostly down to preference. We have personally burned both and find they burn beautifully.
Q - What do you charge for delivery to me?
A - All our delivery charges including special offers can be found HERE.
Our local delivery radius is within 30 miles of our base in (KA25 7AS) - Check how far away from us You are HERE. If You are outwith our 30 mile radius please contact us for a quote.
Q - Is your firewood stored indoors after being kiln dried?
A - Yes. Absolutely - Our firewood is carefully moisture checked throughout the kiln drying process and then dry stored once removed from the kiln. We then moisture check each load of firewood before it is loaded onto our truck prior to delivery to you.
Q - Can You deliver when I am not home?
A - Yes. We often deliver when the customer is not available for delivery. Just drop us a note or give us a call to let us know where suits for us to leave the firewood.

Returns Policy

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product's we are more than happy to exchange your order for whatever reason, we're here to help! We offer exchanges within 48hrs of delivery. We will offer a product refund to the original payment method if you are still not happy with the exchanged product (delivery charge is non refundable).

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