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Please note before ordering: This item is made to order - Delivers 14 days from order date.



Hand-stacked bag of logs with a convenient attached cover - perfect if you dont have a great deal of space to store your logs or have to leave them outside in this wonderful Scottish climate. 


A tote bag filled with mixed species kiln dried UK hardwood logs (Ash/Silver Birch), all cut to an average of 9 inches in length. We produce these bags ourselves with timber sourced straight from the forest and pack each bag at our family run timber yard.


  • We pride ourselves on the fact that all our logs have a guaranteed average moisture content of  less than 20%, but most often around 15%! We know how important it is to buy firewood which burns well, doesn’t spit and is economical, so all our logs go through a strict quality and kiln drying process before they arrive at your door.  


  • Our bags are transported to you under cover to ensure your logs arrive as dry as they were when they left our kiln.

These logs are perfect for log burners, multifuel stoves, open fires, firepits, pizza ovens, wood fired hot tubs.. ect.



    Tote bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood

    • Delivery : OUR DRIVERS ARE MOST HELPFUL TO ATTEMPT TO PUT YOUR LOGS IN A CONVENIENT PLACE WHEREVER POSSIBLE - It is purely at the discretion of the delivery driver if he can assist with the movement of the logs but we can not guarantee this - we are better to be honest and upfront with you before you place your order.


      The delivery drivers WILL NOT unpack your delivery & take away the sack. We are more than happy to take away the empty sack for reuse, even if this may be at a later date.



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